Welcome to Cast & Clover!


I'm Maya, the founder and maker behind Cast & Clover! I began Cast & Clover in the summer of 2020, shortly after graduating college. I studied art, specifically Jewelry & Metals, at Skidmore College, and have been making jewelry since 2010.

The majority of flowers you see in Cast & Clover pieces come from the mountains of Utah, delicately hand-foraged and pressed. Each piece is unique, handmade, and precisely finished by me! 

Jewelry should be attainable to everyone- that is why I strive to make pieces that are affordable yet great, durable quality. All metals used are high-quality and not compromised for pricing. I use sterling silver, gold-plated, and gold-filled ear wire for all Cast & Clover jewelry. Through my studies in the arts, I have learned the proper way to handle and construct metals and each piece is created with ideal craftsmanship.

I love working with flowers for many reasons. One being their beauty. But also their temporary nature. Like any living organism, flowers have a life-span. We enjoy their beauty, then they are gone. Thankfully through resin, I am able to preserve that beauty forever and pass it along to you. 


Thank you for visiting my store, and please feel free to contact me via Instagram direct message @castandclover, or via email at mayahollandart@gmail.com

 Love, Maya