Flower sourcing



I hand-forage and hand-press all the wildflowers you see in Cast & Clover pieces. All wildflowers come from the mountains of northern Utah! Here and there I am able to source from my home state of Maryland as well. 

Many of the flowers I forage are invasive species and classified as weeds- including sunflowers, dyer's woad, chicory, daisies, queen anne's lace, and many more. I am very conscious of the environment when collecting wildflowers. I never pick a flower that is a lone beauty- I make sure to forage a variety of flowers to ensure I am not over-picking a certain species. 

I forage from private land- never on protected state or federal land. If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact me! 

I work hard during each plant's season to collect enough flowers to create with (without over-sourcing!). That is what makes each piece so unique. If you see a flower you like, don't let it pass you by! I supplement flowers throughout the colder seasons from local florists. I buy them fresh and press them myself!

All bees/insects you see in Cast & Clover products are cruelty free- that means they all died of natural causes and then collected for use. Many are found around my home, and some donated from local beekeepers.